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Gain competitive advantage with digital operations management systems designed specifically for your company

Do you want to manage your critical business processes under full control and become the leader in your sector with constantly increasing quality, efficiency and sales rates?

By combining digitalization technologies with science, high engineering, optimality and analytical intelligence, we offer fully integrated solutions that quickly secure a continuous competitive advantage for your company.


Meet the digitalization technologies that came to the fore with Industry 4.0

Cloud, ERP, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, IoT, Business Intelligence at your service

We offer flexible, fast, reliable and cost-effective solutions by adapting today's and future technologies to your company.

Industry 4.0: essential solutions for all your technology needs

We are at your side with our flexible and device-independent technology solutions that you can use from anywhere in the world with the internet, that continuously collect data from your machines, devices and sensors, and that you can quickly gather this data and use in your decision-making processes.


With ERP, we are moving the recording, control and management of all your operations from A to Z, which you carry out with your business resources such as capital, machinery, production lines, technical tools and equipment, raw materials, semi-finished products, products, blue and white collar employees, including all structures and subsystems to the digital environment.

Big Data

Meet our fully integrated digitization solutions

The right digitalization solutions are at your service, regardless of which sector and what scale you are in.

By combining digitalization technologies with science, high engineering, optimality and analytical intelligence, we offer fully integrated solutions that quickly secure a continuous competitive advantage for your company.

ERP: Necessary solutions to manage your resources and operations in the most efficient way

With our ERP solutions, we bring together many integrated business processes in your company, and establish systems that provide end-to-end data flow and transparency between these business processes, including customizations for your company's critical business processes. By aligning your departments and improving workflows, we enable you to achieve significant savings: improved business insights, lower operating costs, increased collaboration, increased productivity, consistent infrastructure, higher user adoption rates, reduced risk, lower management with well-formed and integrated systems and operating costs.

DYNA - Dynamic ERP

Unlike package erp systems, DYNA is a completely custom, open source erp system that is coded and implemented step by step by analyzing and modeling all your workflows and processes in line with your constraints and goals, in full cooperation with the working groups established by your company's employees, by our expert consultants assigned to your company. system.

MESO - Manufacturing Execution System
AIO - Cloud ERP

Meet our industrial engineering consultancy services

We have optimum consulting solutions for the problems you encounter in operations management.

We are ready to work with you to identify the problems in your company correctly and to solve them optimally in accordance with your constraints.

IEC: Industrial engineering based effective process consultancy services

Strategic-based, customer-oriented (internal and external customer), quality-first, scientific approach in problem solving and decision making, teamwork for companies that try to maximize the continuous improvement and development of the quality of products, services, employees, processes without neglecting the principles of reengineering and , ergonomics. We are at your side with consultancy services based on the principle of employee participation and unity of purpose.

HRM : Human Resources Management

CRM : Customer Relations Management

FCT : Sales/Demand Forecasting

SAL : Sales Management

PRJ : Project Management

MOP : Projecting in Production to Order

MRPI : Material Requirements Planning

MRPII : Manufacturing Resource Planning

BOM : Integrated Material Recipes

APS : Production Planning and Scheduling

SCM : Supply Chain Management

VRM : Supplier Relationship Management

PUR : Purchasing Management

PRD : Production and Contract Tracking

PCM : Process Control

INV : Stock Control

MNT : Maintenance / Repair Management

SRV : Service Management

WEM : Work Study and Standard Times (REFA)