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MES System Needs Experiences

Dynamically and flexibly, together with managers and all your employees, what, why, where, when, how and by whom will be set and processed

You determine

Those who cannot find the package software suitable for their system

Those who are afraid because of high costs

Those who say we can't get away with this

Those who say we are a micro-scale business yet

Those who say that our system cannot be digitized

Those who cannot get enough efficiency from the software they use

Those who are tired of annual operating and updating costs

Those who have been waiting for weeks for the slightest update

Those who need a special digitization process

+ Supported Operations

With MESO, you have the opportunity to manage the basic production operations listed below for a manufacturer in exactly the way you need. Please check DYNA for further operation.


Sale Order Management


Projecting in Make to Order


Production Planning and Scheduling


Production and Contract Tracking


Process Control

+ Working Groups

With MESO, you define working groups according to the types of operations accompanied by a management consultant. In this way, you ensure both the effective questioning of your processes down to the finest detail and the feeling of belonging of your employees to your system in the process of formation. With the involvement of your employees in the process, you will also speed up the transition process and the formation of user habits.

+ User Licensing

With MESO, you can define as many working groups and users as you need without any restrictions and without paying any additional cost, and you can freely include them in your system.

+ System Analysis

With MESO, accompanied by a management consultant, you analyze all your production operations using the 5N1K (what, why, where, when, how and who) approach without getting stuck in business blindness. Thus, you will have the opportunity to fully define the needs in your business and develop solutions that are suitable for you.

+ Analysis Meetings

With MESO, your business has the right to a 24-hour / monthly meeting as standard, and if necessary, this period can be increased free of charge. The calendar and methods of system analysis meetings are determined by the management consultant in cooperation with you, taking into account the location and intensity situations in which your business is located.

+ Modeling

With MESO, you can participate in the modeling process on the most detailed basis, from workflow diagrams to interface designs for all solutions created as a result of system analysis conducted in the company of a management consultant.In this way, you create screens that your employees are satisfied with, feel comfortable using, can perform fast operations, and prevent user errors.

+ Coding

The solutions created as a result of system analysis and modeling studies with MESO are recorded as a development request to your system so that you can access them at any time. You can prioritize, rearrange, add and subtract these requests until they are processed by the coding team. All your development requests are coded in the fastest way and tested in every aspect without neglecting any of your requests according to the priority order determined by our coding team.

+ Update

The developments completed and tested by the coding team with MESO are quickly uploaded to your system with the approval of the management consultant. All of your employees are automatically informed about the update via SMS, email or application notifications and are requested to send feedback by evaluating.

+ Periodic Control

All updates, user habits, screen usage, data flows, speed and performance values in your system are checked periodically and effectively by the management consultant from the first moment you start receiving services with MESO. In this way, problems such as unforeseen errors, system vulnerabilities, system slowdowns, exceptional situations are detected immediately and corrective actions are started immediately.

+ Cloud Services

With MESO, all data belonging to your system is fully secured in our cloud system. You have the opportunity to use your MES system, flexible and device-independent, over the Internet. So you can adapt flexibly and quickly to changing conditions.

+ Technical Support

With MESO, you can create a 24/7 support request or contact your management consultant in very urgent cases. You are assured that every support request will be evaluated with trepidation and you will be provided with a return as soon as possible.


Unlike package erp systems, MESO is a completely custom, cloud manufacturing execution system that is coded and implemented step by step by analyzing and modeling all your workflows and processes in line with your constraints and goals, in full cooperation with the working groups established by your company's employees, by our expert consultants assigned to your company.

150 USD / month

Programming Language

Mobile Application Development

Database Development

Desktop, Laptop, Tablet

Mobile Phone and Tablet

Mobile Phone and Tablet